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The TAY Advent Calendar: Day 13

Game: Digital: A Love Story

Time to Play: 2-3 hours.

Digital is actually a much older game that many of this list. So far, every game has been from 2017, so that they feel relatively relevant. On the other hand, Digital was actually made in 2010, nearly 8 years ago now (!). However, this visual novel from Christine Love is one of my favourite free games of all time, so I felt I had to include it on the list.


Digital is set ‘five minutes into the future of 1988'. You play the game through the interface of a 1980’s computer, connected to various online chatrooms. Other users will reach out, chat with you, and you may begin to develop some relationships with them. Eventually, a conspiracy begins to unravel, as you find that these users may not be who they seem to be.

The game nails the 80’s computer aesthetic, with the graphics and sound on point. It makes me reminisce of a time when the internet was still a alien concept, waiting to be explored and uncovered. Back when you couldn’t use the internet if anyone was using the phone!

When I first played Digital, I was drawn in so wholeheartedly by this story that I playd it all in a single sitting, way longer than I initially planned to. It made me bounce in my chair from excitement; my heart dropped when things went wrong, and I shed a tear as the game drew to a close. This game really affected me through its narrative, and it’ll forever be on my hard-drive for that.



  • What game will you never delete from your hard-drive? Or do you keep going back to?
  • Do you remember your first chatroom? (I think I remember seeing one on Friends Reunited!)
  • Have you ever been in love?

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