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Game: Planetone

Time to Play: 5 minutes

What is the point in a game?

Is it to have an actionable goal? To reach a state of victory, or defeat? Should there always be a fail state?


Or is there room for a more experimental type of game? One where you don’t actually have any goals, objectives or quest markers. Instead, a sandbox with just room to play around with the tools made available to you.

Planetone is one such game. Well, it’s more of a music-creating simulator. In it, you have to plant trees, or flowers, on a small little planet. Then, periodically, a small belt revolves around the planet, and every time it hits something you’ve planted, that thing makes a noise.

Plant enough trees, or sprouts, or cacti, and you will start to make something resembling music. Eventually, your flowers will die off though, so be sure to keep on changing it up. Keep on making something new, adding and removing various flora, and you can enter a sort of meditative state.



  • What is your favourite videogame soundtrack?
  • Do you, or have you ever, meditated?
  • RedStripe, where you at? (I know you’ll like this!)

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