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Game: The Zium Museum

Time to Play: 30 minutes - 2 hours (This one is very subjective)

I love going to Art galleries. Whenever me and my partner go travelling, we always make sure to visit a local art gallery, or museum. They’re often free, are super interesting and you can never fail to learn something.


But a lot of my favourite art, I’ve never seen in a museum, or gallery. Because a lot of my favourite art is digital, interactive, and ‘new media’ – which includes games. The Zium Museum is an attempt to provide the gallery experience for this type of media. A ‘playable’ museum.

The Zium Museum is a fascinating concept. It’s a large-scale collaboration between a number of different Game and Digital artists, to create a virtual gallery experience, unique to the art genre. Whilst this does often take on traditional tropes of physical museums – pedestals for certain objects, the minimalist aesthetic – it does lurch away from it spectacularly.

When you first walk through the doors, you are greeted with a spectacular burst of colour, seemingly situated in a void. It’s a beautiful, impossible opening sight, which sets the tone for the rest of the experience.


And as you continue to work your way through the Zium, you will encounter specific interactive pieces that you can interact with, alongside more traditional 3D models, constructed by a number of different authors.


This is a bold, fascinating look at the future relationship between videogames and the traditional gallery and museum environment. I think, as we’ve seen recently with the History mode in Assassins Creed: Oranges, and the use of Minecraft in schools, the boundary is beginning to collide between traditional heritage education and games.

Expect to see more of concepts like The Zium Museum, in future.


  • What is your favourite piece of art? (Yes, it can be a game!)
  • Who is your favourite artist?
  • Do you believe in the potential for games to be used as an heritage educational tool?

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