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The TAY Advent Calendar: Day 20


Time to Play: 5 minutes

2017 has been a year when gambling has truly gained prominence in mainstream video games. The popularisation of the lootbox has meant that games such as Star Wars Battlefront II, Shadow of War, and FIFA 18 have all been called out for unfairly incorporating random gambling mechanics into their main experience.


I personally despise this recent trend. I hate feeling as though I need to put more money into a game to get the most out of it. However, I don’t necessarily despise gambling…

Gambling can, when done responsibly or for very little stakes, be pretty fun at time. Making calculated predictions on events gives me a thrill – whether it’s guessing the score of a football match, or predicating what the next Trump scandal will be.

RADAR*THEATRE is a game about gambling – or at least - calculated prediction.


Much like Battlefront II, RADAR*THEATRE is about star wars and gambling. However, it’s much more fun, is free, and not shady in any way.

In RADAR*THEATRE, you preside over a series of 4-way space battles. Before each battle, you are given a brief description of each of the 4 teams. There might be the Ice team, who leave shards of Ice whenever they are destroyed, or there might be the Army team, who shoot three lasers instead of one.


You are then asked to choose the team that you think will be last standing, before watching the battle take place.

The game really doesn’t ask much of you, outside from weighing up the different skills and abilities of the different teams. You can, if you wish, just pick a random team and then watch the battles play out. But the real fun is trying to accurately forecast how each team will stack up compared to the others. Getting on a streak of correct predictions is tough, as each battle can be wildly different.


A Random Assortment of Questions:

  • How do you feel about the Lootbox drama of 2017?
  • Have you seen the new Star Wars yet? Is it worth seeing? (NoSpoilers please!)
  • *Each comment will also receive a FREE random questionunique to you!*

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