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The TAY Advent Calendar: Day 21

Game: Hyper Time Disruptor

Time to Play: 20 minutes

The last few games have been pretty chill, so here’s something to test your reactions a little bit.


Remember the Large Hadron Collider? It’s that huge donut in Switzerland that they send particles round at a ridiculous speed. They smashed a couple of these particle together a couple of times and found a new type of particle: The Higgs-Boson.

Well, Hyper Time Disruptor is also about flying round a tube at crazy speeds. However this time you don’t want to crash into anything. Particularly not yourself.

Hyper Time Disruptor is about travelling so quickly that you actually travel in time, and catch up with yourself. As such, when flying you will be able to see the vapour trailers of your previous self in front of you. It’s a really cool mechanic that can both help and hinder your attempt through the levels.


You will see that the previous-you ducked underneath that rotating bar to get through, and the temptation to follow that trail is strong. It was safe last time, so it’s bound to be safe this time, right? Well with some obstacles it will be, but be very wary that it doesn’t turn out to be a mistake.

It seems that a lot of free games out on itch.io and Steam are narrative focussed, or slower experiences. Perhaps this due to the relative ease of creating those type of games. So it’s refreshing to see a purely action-based title here. There is a plot, and a fairly fun, dumb one at that. But that’s not the point of playing this game. Nope, the point is to just travel through the levels as fast as possible.


And don’t hit anything. Particularly not your- wait. Didn’t I already say that?


  • Would you prefer to travel forwards, or backwards in time?
  • What is the best use of time-travel in games?
  • Is time-travel even a possibility?

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