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The TAY Advent Calendar: Day 22

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Game: Hupsi

Time to Play: 5 minutes

Over the next couple of days, some of you may be planning on seeing some close family or friends for the festivities. And if your family is anything like mine, there will be a few young yet-to-be-gamers running around.


I currently have a niece who is only a couple of years old, and I think I will show her Hupsi over the next week or two. She’s too young to be challenging at Mario Kart, but she loves reading, so this game should be perfect.

Hupsi is a musical game designed for younger players (however is absolutely worth playing through for us older folk too). You follow a small bear on a walk around her house. She will play with butterflies, ride on her dinosaur friend’s back and go on a real adventure!


It’s a late-night storybook that includes simple interaction with some endearing artwork and a catchy musical score. As Hupsi travels through the game, you click on the various objects on screen, and they will make a noise. Start clicking a few at any one time, and you can make an adorable little soundtrack.


The game is clearly designed for touch screen devices, so I’d recommend trying it on one if possible! It’d be a perfect way of showing kids how to interact with such a device.

It’s clear that Hupsi has been lovingly created, with a super cute art style and animations. The music is also surprisingly good, and it blends together beautifully. There can be a lot of doom and gloom around this time of year sometimes, but Hupsi offers some wholesome, family-friendly fun.



  • How old were you when you first played a video game?
  • Have you tried to get any younger family members or friends into games before?
  • What was your favourite storybook as a kid?

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