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The TAY Advent Calendar: Day 23

Game: SKY

Time to Play: 10 minutes

It can get very busy around this time of year. Only 48 hours to go until the big day, and many of us may still have a lot of stuff to do, and a lot of stress to process.


So, no worry. Today’s game is merely here to help you unwind.

In SKY, your only objective is to swoosh around the galaxy, picking up stars and planets to help you fly through some constellations. And what pretty constellation they are! This game is a treat for your eyes and your ears. The deep, darkness of the galaxy acts as the perfect canvas for a series of stars, planets and galaxies to go discover.

The intention behind this game is appealing too, and shows that, despite it’s strong style, there’s a lot of sunbstance here too:

‘Making an experience about floating freely in space made me look up and learn stories of the sky. The earliest record of constellations by Claudius Ptolemy and cuneiform, the first writing system to talk about the sky, possess appealing spatial dynamics and provide compelling limits to play with. Much inspiration for this project comes from the parallel between abstracting and minimalizing images to create meaning and the human nature of establishing and transforming language.’


SKY then, is a game designed for you to impart your own meaning upon it. There is an objective in the game, but it’s more of a mechanic designed to encourage your exploration, as opposed to a challenge to tackle.

There’s a nice little counter at the top, that tells you how much of the game you’ve completed. This offers a nice little sense of satisfaction, as you slowly burn through the galaxy. However that’s not where the fun lies in this game. In SKY, the journey is way more important that the destination.


With the inevitable festive storm about to kick in to gear, sometimes it’s nice to have a little calm beforehand.

Form your own answers:

  • How much more stuff do you still need to do over Christmas?
  • What is your best relaxation, or de-stressing, technique?
  • Care to ask me a question?

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