I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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The TAY Advent Calendar: Day 24

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Game: Lost Constellation

Time to Play: 45 minutes

I hope that you’re all ready, where you need to be and looking forward to tomorrow.


I still have some wrapping to do. As well as write some cards. And then I think I will go see some friends. But otherwise, today is going to be chill.

Anyway, for this final game, I felt the pressure was on.

Just like in your chocolate advent calendar, the final window is always twice as large as the others. It’s the day before Christmas so I better get a good chocolate!


And none of the games I saw really stood out. So I cheated a little bit.

This game is not a full game – but rather a side-game for the recently released Night in the Woods. It doesn’t play exactly like that awesome title (seriously one of the best of 2017), but it is an enjoyable experience nonetheless. I won’t spoil it too much. Just know that it’s the perfect way to spend what should be a relaxing day.


It’s Christmas Eve. We made it y’all. 24 games in 24 days.

Those of you that did play them, I hope that you enjoyed them. I also hope that there were some new games introduced to you, alongside some of the more famous entries.


Merry Christmas to you all. I hope you all receive the game that you are wanting this year.


Cleon, x.

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