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The TAY Advent Calendar: Day 5

Game: Christmas Present

Time to Play: 10 Minutes

Wouldn’t be an Advent Calendar without some mention of Christmas!

In this game, you play as Santa Claus and you have to go and find some missing presents. They’re split over small 2d platforming spaces for you to go find. Simple enough.


However, you may find that one Santa can’t jump high enough to reach a present. What to do?

Each level in Christmas Present opens up a new window in your web browser. Your Santa Claus avatars are persistent through each of these windows, so it’s up to you to coordinate them all together to solve the puzzles. There are 6 levels in total, so by the end of the game you’re managing 6 different browser windows, and 6 different Santa Claus’.

The opening of multiple windows is a genius idea, forcing the player to have to manage all at the same time. Moving one Santa can have a knock on effect, and finding the right one can sometimes take longer than expected. (The countless times I ruined my Santa ladder by moving the wrong one…)


It’s surprisingly mind-boggling too, as you struggle to manage each different window. It’s solved via trial-and-error eventually; however, I am tempted to go back and see how fast I can do all the levels.

Questions for discussion.

  • What other Christmas themed games have you played?
  • How many tabs/windows did you have open already? (I have like 30 at any one time; it’s a problem)
  • What do you hope to get from Santa this year?

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