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Game: Jack and Casie

Time to Play: 1 Hour (however worth playing just the first level to get a taste)

Inventory management often isn’t very fun. However it’s usually a necessary part of games that allow you to collect a lot of stuff. RPG’s, Survival Horror, there are lots of games that incorporate the mechanic, for better or worse.


In Jack and Casie, developers ShoutScion have looked to make inventory management the game’s main mechanic! And in doing so, they’ve created a totally original RPG/Puzzle hybrid that tries something I haven’t seen before.

You play as Jack, a walking Storage Robot, sworn to carry the burdens of an accompanying adventurer, Casie. You are the place in which the weapons, health packs, ingredients and ammo are all stored, ready to be taken out when needed. And with Werebeasts, Rust Worms, and all kinds of hand-drawn baddies out to kill you both, getting that inventory just right is vital.

Alongside one side of the screen, is a rolling list of items that Casie can use on her journey. On the right-hand side, is your limited inventory. It’s up to you to choose what you need from the rolling list, and then organise it in a nice tight package in the inventory.


The inventory menu is very similar to the style to the Resident Evil games, with the larger weapons at your disposal – Shotguns, Machine Guns, Drill Cannons (?) – all taking up a ludicrous amount of space. As such, there’s often not enough room for that stove and frying pan to make your Mushroom omelettes!

This is a really tricky game, that forces you to work fast, and multi-task a lot. It’s crazy fun and original however, so definitely worth a play.


IMPORTANT NOTE: This version of the game is actually a prototype for a larger, fuller version that is being Kickstarted here. That being said, don’t think of this as just a demo; this is a significant chuck of game, and thankfully feels like it could be a full game if they released it. But, worth noting.

Let’s chat about:

  • What’s the best inventory system in a game you’ve played?
  • Have you donated to a Kickstarter before? How did it go?
  • What’s the size of your portable storage system? (Mine’s just my jean pockets; enough for my phone, wallet & keys!)

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