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The TAY Advent Calendar: Day 7

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Game: Like Roots in the Soil

Time to Play: 5 Minutes

2 characters walk down the same road, but not at the same time.

Each road is different to the other.

Each road is the same in some way.

There are two worlds in Like Roots with Soil, and your perspective is split down the middle. Do you wish to view the world as it was, or do you look at how it will be? Both perspectives show the same place, however the differences between the two tell the story of that place.


And it’s that sharp line, where the two vividly different realities collide straight down the middle, which is the focal point for this experience. One reality is directly positioned as equal and in opposition to the other. The conditions of each made all the more apparent, and powerful, by its mirror image.

Illustration for article titled The TAY Advent Calendar: Day 7

When playing, I found myself constantly bouncing between the two. Playing a game of ‘spot the difference’, but less focused on the details, and more the tone of the places. The sound design seamlessly flows between the two, impressively nailing home the atmosphere of the differing locations.

This is a lovely experience that says a lot, in a very short amount of time. Its main mechanic is innovative, and offers something original that I haven’t seen before.


And the ending affected me in a such a way that means that I won’t be uninstalling this game anytime soon. It’s going to sit on my hard drive, just in case I ever feel like I need it.

Questions for discussion:

  • The Post-Apocalypse is a common trope in popular media. Which is your favourite?
  • The sound design impressed me in this game. What other games do you know with dynamic soundtracks? How do they work?
  • Tell me something that you’re optimistic for.

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