I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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The TAY-est of Time Chat!

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Hello everyone and welcome back to TAY Time Chat your daily quasi-forum & news round up! Word's cannot describe how freakin' pumped I am for this film. Spider-Man is my bro.


Spider-Man is my favourite superhero of all time, he's the only super hero who I feel relatable too. I remember getting my first Spider-Man comic all those years ago. I don't get them anymore but I still have nearly every comic I collected. I was a little bit disappointed with the first Amazing Spider-Man, but after watching the trailer a few times I'm starting to really like what I see. It looks like the series will be leading to a Sinister Six movie, which I think is awesome! But my question for everyone is simply:

Who is your favourite Superhero?

News Round Up!

BattleBorn's Top 15 Songs of The Year!

1) Vampire Weekend - Step

2) Foals - Bad Habit

3) The National - This is The Last Time

4) Phoenix - Entertainment

5) The Killers - Just Another Girl

6) Eminem - Bad Guy

7) Arctic Monkeys - Arabella

8) David Bowie - The Stars(Are Out Tonight)

9) Vampire Weekend - Don't Lie/Unbelievers/Diane Young

10) The National - Sea Of Love

11) 30 Seconds To Mars - Up In The Air/Do Or Die

12) Arctic Monkeys - Knee Socks

13) Queens of The Stone Age - Smooth Sailin'

14) Imagine Dragons - The River

15) Foals - Inhaler

Even though it's my top 15, I have more than likely forgotten a song or two that should be here, so if you want just completely disregard the title :D

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