So there have been a few "I <3 TAY" articles lately and this one is mine.

I have been a Kotaku reader for about a year and a half now. I remember finding it and thinking, "How am I going to keep up with reading this many things a day?" And yet after a while I did, so I started getting bored and didn't check it as much. (Doesn't make sense. I know. I'm not logical.)

And then the Kinja switch happened. And there was a little blurb about TAY everyday. So I started lurking around here. I didn't even have a user name at that point, but I liked what everyone was writing. I don't have many gamer friends, so it was nice to see people that knew about games and weren't being rude and condescending, unless joking.

So I made a user name that had nothing to do with any other name I had (just in case you guys were horrible and I had to rage guit). ;) And then I wrote an article on cosplay on TAYClassic. I didn't think much of it. Just my ramblings. And then it got promoted to the main TAY page. That was amazing to me. And then it got mentioned on Kotaku in the daily blurb. I was ecstatic! I always had a dream of being a writer, so that was the coolest thing that has ever happened to me.


Now here's where my story may differ. I did this on a whim. I don't know what it was about that day that possessed me to write. I have never (ever) written anything that someone has complimented me on. I've written stories and songs and poems my whole life, and been torn down and insulted every time.

So why am I telling you this? Because I told no one about TAY. One of the coolest things happened to me ever and I told no one. In fact I never mentioned it to anyone until my UFC post. I told my husband that night because I knew that I was going to be taking notes and I knew he would ask why. After that I told my child. But I never showed them anything I had written. I didn't even tell them my name on here.

Eventually I let them read a few things, but as of now they are the only people that know I'm on here. And I realized that that's OK. I have you guys. I don't need to shout it to the world. Telling people became unimportant because, as corny as it sounds, you are my people.


And now, of course, I'm obsessed.

First thing in the morning, I check TAY. I love getting little red dots. I love the joke of the little red dots. I think about making posts and what would be interesting to you guys. I worry about not being able to come up with post ideas. I go around saying things like TAYers and TAYing to my family. I find funny pics and try to find a way to include them.

But most of all I can't wait to see what everyone else does. :)

So thank you for everything my fellow TAYers! Thank you for welcoming me with open arms. Thank you for caring about a little cosplay post. Thank you for making me an author. And thank you for seeming to be as obsessed with this as I am. It's making my world a much better place.


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