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The TAY PS4 Community Is Now Live

If you signed up for the PS4 System Software 3.0 Beta, you can now join the PS4 TAY community.

The easiest way for you to join is to add me to your PSN friend’s list or you can leave your PSN name in the comments. Also you can just tell me that you are interested and I’ll look at the contact document to find your name. Then, I can send you an invite to the community. I don’t see a way to search for the community other than looking at a huge list, so they should probably make some changes.


My PSN name giveyouahamburge (the R is left off intentionally).

You can find the communities section by opening your friends list on PSN. It’s on the left column.

I have no idea if this community will remain intact after they officially release the 3.0 system update. We will see.

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