Hey howdy hey, TAY folks! Are you ready for some spiffy new review assets? Good.

There have been hundreds of TAY reviews in the past four years and they have become a staple of our little community. After looking over the recent set-up with Steve and Evan (the Supreme one) for a long while, we decided the format was fine, but the assets needed a bit of an update.

So. We updated them! Here’s a little bit of a breakdown as to what we changed and why.

First thing you may notice is that we right aligned much of the text in the banners and in the button, and switched from Keep Calm to the much more accessible Gil Sans font. They’re very similar.


The button has not changed much. Just the right justified part. Classy as ever. *wink*

The three original sections - Fantastic, Not Bad, and Terrible - have been replaced with the following.


We felt maybe we needed to make them a bit less... clunky and juvenile. More streamlined and descriptive. The wording also fits a bit better, because sometimes aspects of a game aren’t necessarily terrible, they’re just disappointing.


The conclusion banner follows suit.

Followed by the new and improved score card.


Go For It!, Proceed with Caution and Not Worth Your Time have been replaced with the simpler Play It, Consider It, and Avoid It. We also scrapped the Who It’s For and Who It’s Not For sections for Liked and Disliked. Everything else is there, with more room for what you played and a whole new section for similar titles that we think people will enjoy.

And look at that big ol’ screenshot section! Almost twice as big as it was before.

The assets in both Photoshop and GIMP formats can be found here.

If you ever are in need of someone to create a scorecard or header for you just shoot me an email (ben@classrealm.com) with all the details and I’ll make you one ASAP.


All these changes have been added to the Review Guide I put out a while back.


And while we hope everyone digs the new look, we know that the best part of the reviews is here to stay - your writing! So keep up the great work and keep singing up for games when you find the time.

Big thanks to Evan (who did most of the actual work) and Steve (who provided feedback and ideas) for all that they did. As usual, andy any feedback is welcome.