I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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I’ve only seen Gintama in fits and spurts, happening upon it as my girlfriend watches it or has me see highlight great episodes. That’s still been more than enough to hear a decent selection of opening and closing themes. This one in particular immediately caught my attention on first exposure.

“Giniro no Sora”

Blame the chorus. The OP starts off with two dudes in 17th-to-19th-century garb joyously barreling down a street on a moped, followed behind by a girl riding side saddle on her giant-ass dog. That is a very particular stupid yet earnest mood, and that chorus, on top of is already existing greatness, somehow fits the image perfectly.


“Giniro no Sora” as a whole has plenty of interesting touches that distinguish it from being a straightforward anthem, and instead make it something a bit more...odd, or whimsical, I guess; it’s hard to describe. The vocal melodies trade in a rousing mood for something quirkier. Unconventional guitar chords get thrown in, and the progression isn’t all about pumping up some fists. Even the intro begins with something slightly discordant!

Maybe fast slice-of-life is the way to put it? This song gives me the impression of someone trying to encapsulate a scene, or an indescribable feeling, during a very particular moment of time. And maybe the OP is majorly coloring my perception here, with the frequent sunny outdoor scenes of hanging out on a beach or falling cherry blossoms, but that moment of time appears to perhaps include a certain season. It definitely sounds appropriate for daytime driving, at the very least!

Ultimately, it’s an all too appropriate companion piece to this loopy, extremely weird, sometimes emotional, often hilarious, endearing and heartfelt mess of an anime.

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