Please, hold your nerd boners. Between two amazing stores here in Brantford (Microplay and The Beat Goes On), I snagged quite a bit of awesomeness today. I got Star Ocean 2 for $25, and I got Vagrant Story for $20, which came with the strat guide for free. I thought these were worth way more, but even with the PSN-reduced going rates on eBay, I still saved a good $20-30, all told. Akira was a little pricey at $22 used, but it's pretty much that expensive online regardless. I traded in a bunch of DVDs I didn't want though, and ended up getting $34 credit for about 8 movies. Not too shabby. Also picked up a copy of Return of the Living Dead for like $4. All told, this was quite the haul.

Earlier this week, I bought all of Twin Peaks on DVD, two copies of Borderlands 2, a Sega Genesis controller and a copy of Blue Velvet between the $150 worth of giftcards I got with my new phones. Twin Peaks is still the best show network television has ever produced (even though it fell into incompetent hands during the second season). Borderlands 2 was on sale for $20 a pop, and my fiance's been wanting to play it with me since I showed her Tiny Tina on YouTube. Sega Genesis controller goes with my Retron 3. :D Blue Velvet scratches my David Lynch itch even more.

So yeah. Anyone else snag anything great this week?