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The Things Will Carried: 10th Post Special!

So for the tenth post I planned something special, and my good friend Will did not let me down. Totally dropped the ball.


The plan was to let Will tell the story of his arrest in his own words so you could get a look behind the scenes of the Lake County Sherrif’s office detention cells.

That was the plan, and it worked. But in the process of that plan working, it got even better. In Will’s words, “My internet was down last night and today. I’ll email it to you if it is working in the morning.”

Well his internet is still down. But not to be outdone I still have the story. You will get it in picture form. By that I mean, he took a picture of his computer screen with the word document open. Enjoy it. This is a completely unedited, raw view of Will.

If you want to complain about the picture quality or just give him a hard time, feel free to hit him up at @Winsloww88 on Twitter.


If you really want to confuse him or get a good laugh, tweet him one of these lines.

1. “You want to be bilingual? You want to have sex with boys and girls?”

2. “Blasphemy? I’m not turning medal into gold.”

or my personal favorite

3. “What is the circumference of a right circle?”

Without further ado. Here is Will’s tale. P.S. I have not read these yet. I have now read them, they end before he gets arrested. I have it on good authority that the rest of the story will come later.


I really hope they stay sideways the whole time. They are not :(

If you missed a week, I’ve got you covered.


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