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The Things Will Carried: Celebration!

I am writing this in celebration of Will getting me the next part of his story. This is not the normal installment that will still run at 2:15 today. This is a special edition post. Enjoy.


So yesterday Z asked if we had ever gotten a bad haircut and how people reacted. I told of a time that I gave Will a haircut because he was cheap and basically just buzzed his head every time. So he handed me his electric razor and told me to just shave it all off.

Well my first masterpiece was the picture up top. I left a circle like a yamaka. I don’t know how great it looks, but I was proud of myself.

After walking around the house for about 10 minutes he figured out that it didn’t feel right and made me continue. So I did this.


That one he didn’t figure out for about half an hour, but unfortunately he didn’t go outside during that time frame. He never did let me cut his hair again.


And bonus round!

I talked with Will last night and got a new inside joke out of it. So he went to dinner with our friend Phil about a week ago, and he saw an attractive waitress wearing a tank top and short-shorts. He put his head down and started to cry a little.


Phil asked him why he was crying and Will said, “Because I know in a month she will be wearing pants and a sweat shirt and it makes me so sad.”

So now we like to say things like, “I want to order the sushi, but I know in two hours it will be gone and it makes me sad.” “I want to watch the football game, but I know tomorrow it will be over and it makes me sad.”


Or the best one for us, “I want Will to send me the rest of the story, but in a month the story will be over and it makes me so sad.”

Until 2:15, enjoy your Friday!

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