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Welcome back! I missed last week because I was on vacation. But now I’m back, and so we get back to Will’s crazy life.


Last I left you we were talking about Box on Legs and that wonderful trip to Miami. This story takes place partly during that same trip, but we didn’t find out about it until a while afterwards.

So quick background information. When Will lived with me for about a year he worked at the local bowling alley and a CVS. The CVS direct deposited his paycheck each week into his account, the bowling alley was locally owned and couldn’t do that because of a surcharge. So he used to get a physical check each week for that job.

His bank of choice was TD (he pronounced this titty) Bank. The closest TD Bank to where we lived was about 25 minutes away. Luckily for Will he could deposit the check through a phone app, so that is what he did each week.

Anyone unfamiliar with this practice, this is how it works. You take a picture of the front and back of the check through the app, and it deposits the amount into your bank account the next day. You then write VOID on the check in question and keep it for your records.


I bet you can guess which part of that Will didn’t do. If you said, “he didn’t VOID the check afterwards” you would be correct. So now we come back in to the Miami trip.

Originally Will claimed he wouldn’t be able to go to the convention with us because he didn’t have enough money. Then when we got there he told us he bought the tickets online the day before and he had a little money to spend there.


We were so excited we didn’t question it. So a few months later when he was on his way back to Maine, he stopped by our place on his way up again and we were going to go do a couple things with him. He said he wasn’t sure if he had the money, but he could get some.

We inquired as to how. He said he still had a few checks from his old job, he would just cash it again.


Let that sink in for a minute.

We told him that was highly illegal. That if he got caught he could end up in county all over again, or even worse. He told us he did it before and they never even noticed so he was fine.


Turns out, to get enough money to go to the convention with us he had re-cashed a check from his bowling alley job. In the months since, no one had noticed so he figured he could do it again in a pinch.

I didn’t really care at this point because I was just dying laughing. So he snaps a pic of an old check, and the next day we go out and have some fun. He never did get caught.


This was in December of 2014. So I get a call around April 2015 from Will.

Will: So the lady who owns the bowling alley called me the other day. She was going through tax stuff and she asked me if I had double cashed a couple of my paychecks *chuckles* I told her I didn’t think so, but maybe because I used the phone deposit and it might have screwed up and done it twice.


Me: She bought that?

Will: Yep. Didn’t ask any more questions. I wish I still had a few of those checks.


So there it is. Proof that our justice system doesn’t work. Will was arrested and sent to jail for one night for doing something slightly illegal, so he goes on to do something even more illegal later on. I wish he still had a few of those checks as well.

If you missed a week, I’ve got you covered.


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