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The header image will make sense by the end of the story I promise.

Welcome back to a moment in Will’s life. A moment he would probably like to forget. No it isn’t flaking out on going to Tampa Comic Con last week, even though that had large repercussions.

No this is something he would like to forget even worse.

It all starts on a normal day in Maine. Will and his best friend Tony wanted to go camping, but they didn’t want to pay half of the price for the lot each, so they called me and my friend Phil (yes the same Phil from the last two stories) to see if we wanted to go foursies on a campsite.


I’m not the biggest camper, but figured nothing but amazing could come from the opportunity, so we both immediately agreed. The day started off well enough, since I was the only one with a working car at the time I drove and got gas money from everyone.

So Will tells everyone that there will be an electrical power thing at the site so we can plug stuff in. We brought a small T.V. and Smash Bros. to play at night. We also brought a small electrical grill to cook on. Well turns out you only get the electrical power thing if you have an RV or pay for an RV site, which is like five times as expensive. So goodby Smash... and food.

Good thing we were prepared for such an oversight, because we brought a couple things we could cook on an open fire. And the no electricity wasn’t a big deal, we weren’t planning on using it much anyway. What was a big deal, Will was supposed to bring the ingredients for Smores, but since he hates chocolate (I know there is no hope for him) he just didn’t do it.

So I take my hard earned gas money and walk up to the general store at the front of the park and end up using all of the money on the few ingredients for Smores. That is perfectly ok since I am a chocoholic and didn’t mind playing the “hero” for our little expedition.


Food problems now solved and plenty of time left to kill until night, we decide to go for a quick swim in the river. Now quick aside here, Phil can’t swim. Never learned as a child. We get to the river and Will just pushes him in. Flat out just shoves him into the middle. Tony and I are able to get Phil back to some shallow water, as Will gives us his patented, “What?” face. We decide swim time is over and we should start cooking dinner.

We grab some dry wood and pile it in the fire pit area and go to light it with a lighter. Will stops us and says he can do it using only sticks. We call bullshit and bet him he can’t.


The bet is, if he is right the three of us have to streak across the campgrounds that night, and if he loses he has to streak across the campgrounds twice. I will just say that Will then immediately picked up two wet sticks from the ground, rubbed them together for about a minute and then threw them on the ground and said, “You win.”

Now we have will on edge the rest of the evening. He is just waiting until we make him strip and run. Just as the sun starts setting, and we are getting ready for the main event, a group of 10-12 year old girl scouts move into the two lots directly next to us. The whole troop. We couldn’t stop laughing, and they just turned and looked at us like we were crazy.


Will now is panicing, trying to weasle his way out of the deal. We offer him one chance at a helping hand. He can either wear his underwear while he runs (boxers, so basically shorts) or he can wear his shoes. Now think back to the header image... That’s right he chose his white high top Nike’s over his boxers.

So the sun finally sets and Will is off to the races. He makes his first pass past the girl scouts, and they are all asleep and don’t notice. We all wait patiently for him to return for the second go, and as he pulls around about five minutes later, one of the girl scout tents opens and about four come out to walk to the bathroom. Will goes flying past them as fast as I have ever seen him run before.


The next morning the person in charge kindly informed us we would not be spending a second night.

So fellow TAYers, one question. If you were forced to streak and had a choice to have your underwear or your shoes, which would you choose?


Z chose her underwear when I asked her on the Open Forum yesterday. That was a wise choice.


If you missed an earlier story and want to catch up, I’ve got you covered.


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