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So Will let us down yet again. We will have to wait at least another week to get another installment of his tale. But fear not! I have a story for you of Will disappointing someone else to keep you sated.


This story is another NSFW story about Will’s sexual escapades.

So Will met this girl, lets call her Amber. She was, in Will’s words, “probably the hottest I’ve ever been with.” The first time he met her she already had a boyfriend, but that didn’t deter him. And finally, the two were alone together, even though she still had said boyfriend.

Now this was when Will was still 19-20 years old and still in his quick phase.

So Will beds his new mistress and something isn’t right. Despite being so attractive, Will hasn’t finished as quickly as he normally does. So after about three minutes (his time, not mine. He told us three minutes) he decides something is wrong and decides to just “fake it”.


After my bottom jaw rose from the floor and I could speak again, I inquired what he meant by “fake it” because last I checked something very specific happens during a male orgasm. Something that you can’t really fake.

So Will says, “You know I shuddered a bit and then said I was done,” all while acting out his “shudder” by convulsing his entire body like he was having a seizure. After making fun of his shudder, I asked about that little thing called semen. He said he was wearing a condom so it was ok.


I still feel bad for poor Amber, she cheated on her boyfriend for those glorious three minutes.

But as often is the case with Will, the story got better the next time we asked him about it. While he was trying to correct us on some minor detail, he let slip that at the time Amber was 3 years younger than him, which put her at 16-17 years old. Now in Maine the legal age was 18.


We informed Will of this. He said it wasn’t a problem. We told him it kind of was because he had sex with a minor. He said, and I quote

“It was only one time, so it doesn’t count.”

Enjoy your weekend everyone. And remember the next time you make a mistake. It was only one time, so it doesn’t count.


If you missed a week, I’ve got you covered.


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