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The Things Will Carried: Peep Jr.

Welcome back to week three of Will! We will pick off where we left off from the beginning.


When we last saw our protagonist, he was blaming someone else for breaking the kitchen set in kindergarten. Well after their school days ended, Phil and Will would go to an after school day care run by Will’s mom.

So one day at the day care, Will’s mom thought it would be a fantastic idea to give all of the children she was looking after (and running some pre-school learning programs with) newborn baby chickens. But since her little Will was a special snowflake, he got a baby rooster. Phil named his chicken Peep Jr. and Will was just all about rubbing in how his was different.

Anyone who knows anything about chickens and roosters will tell you that a rooster is an incredibly agressive and territorial animal that should not be kept around a ton of baby chickens.

So one day after school everyone is playing with their baby chicks, and Will puts his in the same little pen as Peep Jr. and starts talking to Phil. While the two of them are talking, the rooster walks over to Peep Jr. and pecks out its eyes.


Phil is understandably upset, but Peep Jr. is still alive, just blind now. Will doesn’t understand why everyone is upset with his rooster. Will’s mom decides it was just a one time thing and lets everyone keep their baby chicks.

So about a week later Will puts the rooster in the same pen as Peep Jr. again, because he is a moron. Well this time as Will and Phil were talking, Peep Jr. pecked out the rooster’s throat and killed it... right in front of all the kindergarten aged children.


That was the last time the children saw their baby chicks as they were returned to Will’s mom’s farmer friends. But to this day Phil is proud Peep Jr. ended that rooster’s tyranny.

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