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The Things Will Carried: Special Edition Part 3!

Will finally got us the next part of his story and that gif is how I feel about it.

So without further ado, I will put Will’s words below the line.

Here is part 2 for those who need to catch up.

Since my uniform isn’t obvious enough I explain that I’m on my way to work. That I am the shift leader for the overnight crew at CVS and that tonight is truck delivery night and that the “weapon” I possess is for opening boxes containing store merchandise. While my story appears to check out the officer decides that arresting me and bringing me to the sheriff’s department is the best course to take after all. At this point the cop reads me my Miranda Rights and after stating that “anything I say can and will be used against me in a court of law” asks me if I give permission to converse about the situation. I am then transported to the sheriffs department while a tow truck is called to come pick up my vehicle. We arrive at the sheriffs department where I am un-cuffed and have my on-hand possessions including my phone, wallet, and keys bagged and taken away. Before taking my phone they ask if there are any numbers I need to get from my phone and write down so I can make some calls to get me bailed out. I personally don’t take the time to memorize many numbers so I write down my roommates’ numbers cause I never learned them by heart. (EDIT: I know Will’s number by heart so this hurts me deeply) I then have my fingerprints taken, mug shots (including a picture specifically of my tattoo located on my left bicep because it might be a “gang sign”)


and placed in my holding cell. The cell consists of a metal bench, metal toilet (no sink), a phone, and a list of bonds agencies addresses and numbers posted on the cell wall. Eventually my bail is posted and given to me and I’m allowed to make a few phone calls. My bail is set at $750 dollars and you must pay 10% of that in order to get out. For those who can’t do simple math that’s $75 to let myself out. I ask if I can pay debit card instead of cash and the holding officer says yes. I choose to pay to get myself out so the holding officer requests my debit card to go through the bail out process. I tell her it is in my wallet which was taken among my possessions when I was brought in. Her reply? Since my wallet was confiscated it cannot be used as a source to get my bail posted. This of course was not mentioned to me when they confiscated my wallet when I was brought in.

And there you go. What will Will do now? No one knows (call me about a thousand times) what will happen next! Tune in next week (God we can only hope) to get the next installment of the story.


For those of you who read last week’s story, I will post the next part of that story on Monday.

And because I know everyone is dying to know. Will believes a hot dog is a sandwich.


If you missed a week, I’ve got you covered.


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