Welcome to the second week of Will’s life. As you will see, some of these stories are shorter than others. But all of them get a good chuckle.

Today I will tell a story I have secondhand from our mutual friend about how they met in Kindergarten.

So as the story goes, my friend showed up for the first day of Kindergarten and was just kind of stumbling around meeting people and playing with toys. He walks over to the kid-sized playhouse (side note: remember how awesome those were? Like seriously those plastic fake houses that you could go into but adults couldn’t fit. Those were the best.) and notices that the kitchen set next to it is a little broken.

Out from the house crawls little Will.

Will: So uh, hey my name’s Will.

Friend: Uh, hi I’m Phil.

Will: So Phil, I uh... might have broken the kitchen set. Who should we blame it on?


And the rest is history. For the next 23 years the two have been good friends and had many more an adventure.

P.S. Word is they blamed it on some random kid, then later Phil told the teacher who really did it. Will still doesn’t know who ratted on him.