Goodday TAY. Last year during my summer holiday in France, I had been challenged by some locals with a case. I remember the case well and I thought that TAY would be the ideal place to share as we can all discuss the problem and the solution.

I visited a cave and noticed a hole in the ground. I forgot my camera and didn't snap a picture and couldn't find the specific hole on Google images, so the above picture is going to have to do. My sister-in-law's french boyfriend told me that a young man named Jaques once fell in. Now let's call Jaques just "Jack" from here on. It's easier to pronounce in English.

The story went that Jack had a blackout during his fall. When he woke up, he found himself facing a golden house. It was a house built in 16th century french style, but made out of solid gold.

Jack looked around and couldn't see how he got to where he was standing. So what should he do now?

My french bro had a giant smirk as he told me the story, and asked me what I would do in that situation. And now I pass the question to TAY. What would you do? There are no specifics on what you could or couldn't do. Trust me, you wouldn't believe the answer. But I won't answer to fast. I need to know what most of you think.