Morning Tay.

The comments have been posted on part one and part two. So what's the story anyway?

Well let's see.

Jack, Pete and a couple of Frenchman entered a supposedly cursed cave. While exploring, Jack found himself looking over a hole. The next moment he knew, he was in front of a golden house. He must have fell into the hole and blacked out.


His first thought upon seeing the house was:

Definitely not walk into it... You know what happens when you do those kind of things...

It was almost as if a deity spoke to him, that strong was the thought. He proceeded to back away, but then another thought hit him.

Go in the Golden House, order pancakes, and ask when the next bus/train/plane leaves Chicago.


Jack proceeded into the golden house, feeling like an invading duck. He wasn't quite sure why there would be pancakes in the house, or why anyone in France would know the public transport times of Chicago, but proceed he did. Finding the house empty, he rememberd he was weiring his jolly boots of doom, and it hit him

Solid gold house in a mystery hole? Run Jack, run! That's a witches' house if I've ever heard of one.

Any other direction than the golden house was fine. He exited the house with all haste. Looking back, he did think about the house being nothing less than solid gold. He had an idea, but first we'll turn our attention to Pete.


Pete was separated from the group. He found himself alone. A voice like that of a shadow whispererd.

Probably die.

the ominous scentence could have warned Pete, but Pete was scepticle, and decided Jack was up to some mischief. Pete noticed voices from the group, talking about a hole where gold came out of the ground. As if a spanish saviour was talking to him, a thought cropped up in his mind

Ok, I got nothing on Jack. As for Pete, smart thing is to inform the group and go as a whole to follow the voice.

My dumb ass would follow the voice for a bit though.

Pete contemplated informing the group to follow the voice, but first he needed to

I'd recommend Pete getting back with his group first. (seriously what's with these people and separating from the group, is this Scooby Doo?)


Pete followed the voices leading him back to the group, doubly checking he assured himself no talking dogs were present, but it was dark so he didn't know for sure. How in the name of Kaploy9 did he think such strange things.

Just before Pete and co would jump into the hole, Jack had made some preparations. The same shadow that warned Pete had given jack an idea:

Use a rock to chip off pieces of gold. Throw the gold out the hole so people think there's free gold down the hole. Put a sharp stalactite at the bottom of the hole. When enough people fall down looking for gold you can just build a mountain of dead people to crawl out. Collect all the gold and voila! Making lemonade!


And lemonade whas made. Jack didn't seem to like Pete anyway.

Thank you TAY for making this extremely funny for me XD. Honest question: who saw this coming? Criticism is welcome, laughing was targeted.