Yesterday I presented the choice Jack has after falling through a hole and finding himself in front of a golden house. We'll get back to Jack in not too long, but the article is still open for your suggestions.

Find part one here

In the meantime though, I'd like to shift the attention to another young man who went into the same cave. You see, there was a group of people that entered the cave with Jack. The cave was rumoured to be a cursed cave and a group of explorers entered the cave to debunk the myth.

Jack was part of the group, but he only really knew Pierre, who we'll cal Pete for easy pronunciation. Pete wasn't really paying attention to Jack. Pete was a friend to Jack but he could sometimes be annoyed by Jack's pranking nature. Pete was a bit further ahead in the cave when Jack fell and didn't notice. After an unknown amount of time Pete did notice Jack's absence though. In fact, Pete found himself alone in the cave. He heard a few voices though. Translated from French, the voices would say that they found a hole with gold chunks coming out of it. Pete could guess the direction where the sound was coming from, but he knew that the echo in the cave could be fooling him.

So my dear TAYlanders, what would you do if you were Pete?