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The Unfinished Projects

My final hours of the SixTAY Days of Writing challenge are rapidly dwindling away, but there was so much I wanted to post for it that I never got around to doing. As always I suck at time management. Since this challenge is coming to an end, I thought I’d take a look back at some things I wanted to write for it that I never got around to.

Going into this challenge, I thought It’d be a good opportunity to write some articles I had been sitting on. There were a few things I’d started working on way back and never got around to fleshing out that I wanted to go back to, such as a piece on the radio in open would games like Grand Theft Auto and Saints Row, and a piece sharing some opinions on the concept of haters. There were also series I’d started that I wanted to continue. Most notably, my Weird Star Wars Opinions series is far from done. I’ve had a partially completed piece on Revenge of the Sith sitting around for months I was planning on finishing during the challenge. I did make some progress on it, but it remains far from done. Then I was going to write about Solo after I saw it in theaters but that didn’t happen either. From there the plan was to move on to Rogue One and then the original trilogy films. I wasn’t expecting to finish all of those within the scope of the challenge, but the goal was to finish some. That didn’t happen.


Aside from things kicking around from before the challenge, there were also ideas that I came up with for the challenge. Backlog Progress Report was mildly successful. I got 8 weeks of posts out of it, but I didn’t complete as many games as I expected. Then there was TAY Storytime, which I laid all the groundwork for in the story concept development phase with all those who participated, but the first chapter didn’t happen. This is something I want to continue beyond the challenge, so hopefully I can have something on that front soon.

My main takeaway from all this is that my time management still sucks and I need to improve it. I also need to stop thinking about my writing ideas and just ... write them. It sounds simple, and should be simple, but somehow it isn’t. One day, I will finish these ideas. One Day.

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