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Hello everyone! Welcome to the Unofficial Veteran Farmer's Almanac of Seasons and Their Storiesᵀᴹ. In this series, I shall be giving my initial thoughts, reactions, and jokes about Story of Seasons which is (essentially) the latest Harvest Moon title to hit North America. Released by Marvelous and published to NA by XSEED, I plan on giving a completely unbiased, unofficial, and unreadable string of thoughts about the game at the request of Z, Nach, and Swan. If you want a more official look at the game, I definitely recommend reading the TAY Review.

Essentially, as I play through the game you'll experience the exact thoughts I had at particular moments. The purpose of these articles is two-fold. First, I want both noobies to the series and veterans like myself to get a sense of my raw thoughts on the game, without having had any time to stew on them and then change something. I want you to, indirectly, experience exactly what I'm experiencing so you can form your own judgments and thoughts about the game and whether it's worth your time or not. Secondly, hopefully some of these will spark fun discussions about how weird I am, because that always makes for good Kinja.


Again, fair warning here, I'm trying a very different writing style in comparison to what I'd normally do. There's not going to be much paragraph structure and the flow between posts will likely be disjointed. I'm testing out to see if this really bothers readers, or if they don't mind. The upside of writing like this is it's much easier to just play and write as I go, instead of having to sit down and come up with concise proper form. Drop me a line when you're done reading about this please.

Character Creation:

- Playing EL CLASSICO mode. It'll be harder but it will feel more like home.

- Nice amount of face and hair choices. No clothing options though? Maybe later in the game.

- 6 letters max for my name? Really? :I Rolling with Kendal, but that sucks.

- My birthday is always Winter 25th in these games [because it's January 25th in real life]. Sometimes I never get a birthday (because the Christmas event happens instead) and sometimes I do, depending on the game. I wonder how this one will turn out?


Tutorial Start:

- Familiar Sound Design to previous installments, that's a nice feeling.

- This intro plot though, that sounds like a Mail Scam LMAO. "Please come take this farm for 5 easy payments of $799.99"


- The avatars for people talking are kind of jarring to look at with 3D on, it just comes off as almost too removed from the game, likely because of the heavy emphasis on drop shadow.

- OH GOD NO PLEASE STAY IN AVATAR FORM, NOT YOUR WEIRD BLOCKY BODY. The models can sometimes look really odd, though some look far better than others.


- Did I mention how intensive this drop shadow is? Jesus, take it easy editors.

- I love how characters swing their arms when they walk, even if you do a perfect circle rotation. TEN HUT FARMER.


- All kidding aside the game actually does look good.

- Oh cool, the avatars are animated a bit, I hadn't noticed that.

- Alright I may not wanna be doing a tutorial but this Grandma is pretty awesome, with that said.. why didn't it offer to let me skip the tutorial? Have things changed that much? Guess we'll find out!



- Interesting, when you go to bed determines when you might wake up. This has happened in some series, but only when you're dead tired. Let's see how this works as we go.


- Insert Random ~FABULOUS~ Designer Farmer from the North with hilarious sound design.


- His quote is like this article, but we'll get there my friend!

- Why the f@#k can't Miiverse stay open in the background, jesus christ.

- Eating is a plunger sound.... the joke possibilities here are endless.

- I CAN MOTHERFUCKING SWIM IN THE RIVER WHENEVER I WANT? A+ MARVELOUS, A+ Even has a legitimate health warning that swimming in real rivers can be dangerous, so to please not do so without being careful. You can dive for treasure. >_>;

- The Trade Depot and subsequent economics are a lot more flushed out in this game in comparison to say, Friends of Mineral Town. Numerous merchants, desired items based on certain time periods, etc. Very exciting. I like both the increased profitability chances and additional strategy/thought-process I'll have to keep up with.


- Steve already mentioned in his review how tools work, but right away I'm already preferring this methodology of doing things in comparison to toiling to set up perfect 3x3s or 3+2+3 crop lines. Ideally this will allow me to spend time during the day doing other more diverse things in comparison to just straight farm-work, but we'll see how the clock behaves first before judging that.



- Grandma just made a hilarious sexual innuendo and I forgot to screen cap it, damn it.

- It's been 20 seconds and I already can't fucking stand Elise. (That's some good stereotyping right there Marvelous, ace-work) Wait hold up this snob is a FARMER? Jesus I'm gonna be Richie Rich by the time I'm done if she's profitable.


- Raeger looks like me. We shall be friends. He has no choice.

- People don't wanna talk to you when they're eating. Honestly? Nice and subtle touch.


- THE LARGE BAG IS 100,000G? Dafuq is this inflation, pre-WW2 Germany?!

- Corona is pretty attractive.

- Corona is married... damnit. (Sorry LadyRer!!)

- Town size is adequate, and the minimap actually has some cool uses, but it doesn't show the different elevations and stairs well, so that's kind of annoying. Minor pet peeve at worst.


- You can just steal up bugs right off the ground with your bare hands. TAKE THAT HONEY BEE, I DON'T CARE.

- Hehehe... Plunger eating. I'm 12.

- THERE'S A JUMP BUTTON? MADNESS. Skipping around town is way more fun than it probably should be. Did we establish I'm 12 sometimes?


- I am going to waste a ton of time each day just collecting all the things. That's probably a good sign for daily diversity, but also possible "oh my god this day is taking forever because I'm making it take forever" syndrome.

- Neighbors farms look cool, I'm digging the art style.

- You don't "drop" fodder into the feeding areas like animals in previous games, you literally throw it. You have to get far enough away that you're gonna throw the food into the right area. It feels janky, and it is janky.


- Tried to offer Raeger the celebratory first gift of the game, Milk. Dude hates milk. THE TOWN CHEF HATES MILK :I Our budding friendship is ruined.

- Little girl likes butterflies just as much as the little bug boy, hell yea gender equality for the kids. Hell no I won't touch bugs in real life.


- Well I've finished my tutorial and have my farm... that can only be 6 letters long. C'mon guys really? :I Eirikr it is.


- THIS PLACE IS A DUMP. Good motivation to fix shit I guess.

- Hehe... Gunther the Carpenter's eyebrows twitch.

Impressions Analysis:

A solid entry to the series with a lot of potential. Let's see how Year 1 Spring goes before jumping to any conclusions, but I'm cautiously optimistic given nothing has overtly bugged me about the game. See you then!

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