As a kid I was fortunate to be introduced to wrestling thanks to my dad and local public television that used to air weekly shows of WWF in Portugal. After the whole Chris Benoit tragedy, I kinda stopped being the fan I used to be, but in video game land, I never stopped playing wrestling game, especially the older ones, because they are super fun with friends even nowadays.

The Ultimate Warrior was my "go to" guy. He was just the right combination of coolness and insanity. Today yet another of my childhood brightest stars is gone. It's all the most sad because I just saw him five days ago at the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony and just three days ago during this week's edition of WWE Monday Night Raw. I can't help to wonder how his young two daughters, wife and mother are dealing with this unexpected tragedy, to whom I extend my deepest and sincere condolences.

Sure, I hear many people saying "Wrestling is fake!" but that is not accurate. Wrestling is staged! There lies the difference. Those athletes are also actors and they put their bodies and minds trough living hell to entertain us watching at home or at the venues (something I was quite fortunate two attend live on two separate occasions in my country) and I find myself wondering if the price they pay is too high. But tonigh we mourn the loss of one James Brian Hellwig that despite many real life challenges did end up gaining what his on stage persona always desired: Immortality.

One last match of Super fire Pro Wrestling Premium X, 3 count bout, standard rules. Shiryu vs The Ultimate Warrior. Ring that bell!

Rest in peace, good sir. You will join the ranks of many other greats that departed too soon like Randy Savage and Eddie Guerrero. Thank you for all the memories.


*OMAKE* This one comes from Raw Meat Cowboy at GoNintendo, a weird coincidence since I am playing this game right now on my Game Boy Pocket. Yes, it's true, a good LJN game, they do exist!