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The Way You Play

We all have our little quirks in life, and many of us have them in video games as well. I'm referring to those little things that you do, consciously or otherwise, when playing different types of games. Maybe you roll everywhere instead of walking in Zelda or maybe you can't stand not having your inventory sorted in a certain way in RPGs. I've got a few things myself that I stick to when gaming, so I'll tell you some of mine and then you can tell me yours!

When ever I'm playing an RPG for instance, if I am at all invested in the characters, I will generally use the characters I actually like rather than characters that may be better stat wise. In Final Fantasy VI I always seem to end up with a party of Setzer, Sabin, Shadow, and Gogo solely because they are awesome. The fact that I play these types of games in this way is actually one reason I'm very happy that Dragon Age: Inquisition is removing dedicated healers, because I despised having to either take the one character designed for healing with me all the time or just going healer myself in the previous games.


Dark Souls is a game that easily lends itself to many different types of players. I have a lot of quirks for this series alone. For example I pretty much always lean towards melee. If I play a character who has spells those are always secondary to my melee ability. I also always rely heavily on dodging, only really making use of my shield on little guys between bosses. The fact that there are so many different ways to play the Souls games leads a lot of people to create little quirks or personal challenges to make replays more interesting.

In one playthrough of Dark Souls II I decided to do a dual wield only Lucatiel armor run. I made a bee-line for Lucatiel, killed her so that I could have her fabulous looking light armor, and then played through the entirety of the game using only that armor and never using a shield. While it seems like you should be asking "okay, but what do you gain by doing that?" I'd actually recommend trying random stuff like that, because you never know how it will affect your overall outlook on the gameplay mechanics.


Doing a playthrough where you're forced to dodge rather than block can help you not rely so heavily on that shield the next time you play. The "Lucatiel's armor only" bit was just my personal game of "Fashion Souls," the game everyone should be playing. Looking cooler is always higher priority than being more effective in battle!

When I play stealth games like Dishonored I have a particular way I play as well. I always personally challenge myself to use complete stealth and take out every enemy I come across in complete silence, leaving no one standing behind me. If I get seen I generally restart from the previous checkpoint. I can't really explain why, that is just the way that I personally view as the most enjoyable way to complete a stealth game.


There are plenty of other more inconsequential quirks I have as well, like the fact that I always play a game on Normal difficulty the first time through, regardless of how difficult or easy it turns out to be. When playing Ocarina of Time I always do Spirit Temple before Shadow Temple. I go and get the Lens of Truth from the well and then skip straight to the desert. I also always keep my ocarina on the C-down button at all times. I can't explain why that matters to me, it just does. When playing Pokemon I HAVE to have a team of 6 relevant pokemon. I can't stand the idea of having 3 or 4 good pokemon and 2 bullshit entries that are just there for HMs.


So those are just a few of the weird gaming quirks I have. I'm interested in hearing if any of you have similarly weird personal things you do when playing different games, so feel free to share them with me! Thanks for reading!

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