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The Wayback Machine - TF2 Style

Whenever I see a news here on Kotaku about Team Fortress 2, whether it be about a new machinima, mod or otherwise, I feel nostalgic. I’m a huge fan of the game, as I’ve played it since its release back on December 2007 (yup, I got the Orange Box on Christmas).

How huge of a fan you ask? Well, I got a community weapon. Although to be fair, I received that due to my participation in the closed beta of the Steam Translation Server. But I was busy otherwise as well.

During the heyday of the game (aka during the time the game received most of its mayor updates), I was active on a German fansite called TFPortal.de. I was originally just an English translator, but later on became a full writer.
I’ve retired from my position many years ago, but I had a great time there!


During this time, I had the honor of interviewing some of the celebrities of the TF2 scene, and I tried to chronicle the game’s history in the form of the TF2 Retrospective.

But my greatest effort, at least in my opinion, is the TF2 Fanstuff List.

Thanks to the suggestion of the TFPortal lead and dear friend MeeB, I started the mad quest of listing every worthwhile fan-created machinima, song, fanart, cosplay etc.


Mind you, I started the list long before the Steam Workshop was introduced, so I didn’t bother listing things from there. Also, the Source Filmmaker was officially-released after I stopped updating the list, so any SFM machinima are not covered here as well.

But anything else pre-2012 has a good chance of appearing on the list. And to my surprise, not quite as many links are outdated or dead as you might expect!


I felt like pointing out this list one last time, for old time’s sake. Any TF2 player, both old and new, can now go back in time and enjoy old classics like the Dynamic Action Team, Babyman, Mass AI and Meet the Dumbasses, among MANY many more!

Have fun reliving the past everyone! I’ve closed that chapter for myself many years ago, but the memory lives on. What is the sensation and nostalgia for World of Warcraft for others, is Team Fortress 2 for me. It was my genre-defining multiplayer game of my youth.

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