I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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The Weekender

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*Yawns lightly* Morning everyone . .

Geez, it's Saturday already, huh? I still remember waking up on Sunday and thinking that I needed to work on homework like it was yesterday :I Has time always gone by this fast?


*Yawns again*

Well, whatever. Time goes on, and waits for nobody. Which is something I realized last night. I was playing some GTA:O with Twiz and Boots, after like, three months of not touching the game with a ten foot pole. And . . . Wow, some things actually changed a little. Kinda. It's good to know that the game is still as crazy and psychotic as ever. But, I couldn't help think that it still felt weird, you know? People now show up with their names on the minimap. And you can get labeled as a psychopathic killer when you kill lots of other players, and then get RP for killing the crazy ones. I just remember jumping in and thinking "Huh . . I don't remember any of this".


SO, topic for today, or whatever. Any games that totally seemed different and weird, with a whole new vibe in the MP, after a while of not playing? I figure this is a big one in MMOs and such. And, I'm surprised that people still play RDR . . Anyone up for a posse later on, in the day?

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