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Woof... it's the weekend! And I don't think I will enjoy it, I'm flooded with uni work! And I finally got my copy of Sonic Boom, so either way it's going to be a bit tragic (I bet studying and writing papers is going to be more interesting than playing a broken unfinished game, starring the Sanic).


Honestly, I will try to juggle watching the European qualification matches for the EuroCup (football talk), while I finish a couple of papers I have due next week, then if I have time I'll play some Sanic and then switch to Mario Kart, and maybe sneak in some Animal Crossing. And tomorrow I think I'm going out to my aunt's house or something and I will probably have to prepare a dessert... still not sure on what to prepare though =/

Anyway, enough about me, What are your plans for the weekend, TAY?