I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Ok, maybe I lied a little. I . . won't be here to host the weekender . . again ^^;

BUT, I have good reasons. My best friend is kinda moving away, and we're throwing a party today, and thus, I won't be here. But yea . . . Oh, come on, not like it's buzzing around here, anyways. We all need to try and find some sort of game or something to play or set up during weekends or something. Oh well.


ANYWAYS, PLOT TIME. I went out last night and caught the new Godzilla movie, after hearing good things about it, having Klugles tell me it was worth it, and well, it's motherfuckin' Godzilla. Why would I miss it? My review?

I liked it. It was honestly all I expected it to be, for the most part. Did I get cool fights? Yea, I guess. Did I get a somewhat OK plot? Psh, who cares, Godzilla, man. GODZILLA. But yea, it was cool, and built up to it naturally. Was it gritty and intense? Hell yea. Loved it. Did I get myself some military fanservice? You betcha! Overall, really all I expected it to be based on the first trailers. If anything, I'll say they summed it up nicely, but still left plenty to the imagination, and filled in those gaps accordingly and appropriately. Was it worth waiting an extra hour after having shown up just a tad too late to get group seating for me and my friends? Hell yea. No regrets.

But, I think Klugles said it best.

The Big G does not disappoint.

If you've got nothing going on this weekend, and have time to kill and are willing to put up with crying babies, sticky floors and spilled popcorn all over the place . . . Go watch it. It's fun, it's a nice way to kill two hours, and you get Godzilla fighting stuff. Just sit back, and enjoy the show.

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