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So...this is awkward. The TAY-Bots won the mascot contest. One year ago. And since then I haven't really given a proper update as to why it's taking so friggn long to crank the TAY-Bots out. Well...

So in case you didn't know the TAY-Bots are a bunch of of little robots. Here, they look like this:


Anyway, shortly after the TAY-Bots were chosen as the TAY mascot, I moved and ended up getting new job while taking college courses. While doing that I tried developing the TAY-Bots more. I decided that since the core idea of the TAY-Bots was to have multiple mascots to represent everyone, I should try to make multiple illustrations of the TAY-Bots to fit different themes from around TAY. For instance, there would be an illustration for Anime focused articles and another for articles focused on Art and another for Cosplay, etc. This kind of escalated until I had about 10-15 illustrations planned.

After starting the illustrations, stopping (due to classes or work) and then starting again or restarting (either due to losing files or I was just unhappy with the previous illustrations) I eventually graduated! This meant that didn't have classes anymore, but I did have to start looking for a field in my field while the job I was currently working increased my hours. This continued to cycle of starting, stopping, restarting, etc.

Another part of the problem was that I couldn't use my normal illustration method to get the results I wanted. Normally I make ink drawings and then scan the line-art to add the color in photoshop. Unfortunately, this also makes it hard to make the background transparent. (It was important to keep the background transparent to make it easier for people to place the illustrations wherever and however they wanted.)I tried a few different ways to make the background transparent, but they were either ineffective, or they damaged the original artwork.

To counteract this, all the illustrations needed to be done completely digitally. Digital drawing is not one of my specialties, so most illustrations I didn't feel were up to snuff. (I'm no StormBorn.) But I think I've come to a compromise. I'm going to use a Adobe Illustrator to make the illustrations instead of a proper drawing program. So the final mascots will look something more like this:


I know it's been a long time, and I apologize for the wait. Part of the delay was due to bad circumstances, but most of it was my fault for just not using my time well or being too finicky with my own work. I just want to do my best to represent TAY.

Right now I'm in the middle of some serious job interviews and skills test, and depending on how those go I'll be busy with moving and other things. Just know that I'm working on the TAY-Bots and polishing them up as best I can, but it'll take a little bit longer until they're done. So, hey, I'll try and be more open about the progress as it goes on, just please be patient for a while longer.




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