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The Wii U turning point?

The Wii U turning point? Scot Moffitt, who in my eyes may just as well be a PR man, called the E3 and Mario Kart 8 an indication for a tipping point for Wii U. As a Nintendo fan I hope he's right on the money and Wii U sales will soar to great hights. Even more so, I hope the Wii U will become a viable purchase in the eyes of the public and especially the media. But we're getting ahead of ourselves here. Because let's examine the question first: why exactly is this the turning point for Wii U.


Fans like me would like to point out to the revival of 3DS. We'll agree that the price drop played a significant part, coupled with the launch of Mario 3D land and Mario Kart 7. But there's something about that that makes this a non-argument. That is, all of us were expecting Nintendo to play a big part in the hand-held market, as that's what they have been doing for something of the last 30 years.

So now what? Does that make mr. Moffitts argument moot? Was he grasping at straws here? I'm going to ask you to weigh in on this, but I'll start off with my own argument. The Wii U's turning point is not in the hands of the media. Dutch mainstream news sites reported E3 with an eye on Sony, as they had more to show than just games. In a way, the dutch news sites weren't interested in the games. And it makes sense as most regular news outlets have no idea what games will drive console sales and what will not. Game sites however all tipped their hats to Nintendo for a genuinely intriguing show. So if media will paint a better picture of Nintendo.

So what now? Well, I believe in a silent majority. This majority doesn't take to blogs or comment sections, but will just let the general opinion sway them. You have to remember that those who are actively looking for games, and are actively forming their own opinions are usually the fanboys and early adapters. Current sales most likely include all of those people allready. The rest of the sales are for people who will in whatever way be swayed to purchase a system. With that in mind, this may very well be a turning point for the Wii U.


My point being that the turning point for the Wii U has definitely arrived. It hasn't happened before that the Wii U and Nintendo's strategy has been seen so positively has it is these days. The job for Nintendo is to maintain this positive momentum. If they slip-up and the media takes to not giving it a chance anymore, than this turning point will just be flipped around again. In other words; I believe this is the turning point for Wii U, but this may not equal the sales fans are hoping for. Then again, if we're honest, we don't have to care about Wii U sales, it's way more important to see great games coming out for the system. And I'm very much pleased with the proposal Nintendo made at E3.

So to repeate my question: Would you consider the Wii U at the start of a turn-around? I'm not asking specifically if it will trounce its competition, but I'm curious where you all stand on the outlook for a "succesfull" Wii U.

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