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The Winner Takes It All - or - When Your Kotaku Shop Conctest Entry Is Only The Winner of Your Heart

It's time to use tayclassic for what's really important in life: talking about the past!

With Kinja and my author status, I remembered back at my beginnings on Kotaku. My first highlight, my first contribution I was proud of, is the picture you see right now. It was my entry for the NPH WTF Kotaku Shop Contest from December 2010.


Here's a bit of context for you: Neil Patrick Harris appeared at the 2010 Video Game Awards, which caused a small amount of controversy. The goal of the shop was to create a video game-related picture with Harris in it.

My picture shows Harris as the Spy from the "Meet the Spy" video. Back in 2009/2010 Team Fortress 2 was quite popular, and I have quite the history with the game itself, so the choice was obvious.The ingenuity of this picture is that Harris also plays a womanizer in the popular show "How I Met Your Mother" who wears a suit all the time, just like the Spy. The picture is not just a random one, it is actually fitting and in character.

I thought it was a guaranteed hit entry, but I wasn't even included into the Top 20. I still feel bad about this. I received a star aka old system author status for my entry after that one, which is nice, but I wanted this one to be the reason why I got the star.


Anyway, that's my story. What are your Kontest Shop Contest entries you thought were quite adequate, but didn't make the cut? Feel free to post them here so they can be appreciated one last time.

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