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The WipEout Legacy (Part II)

Last week in part I we left off with the release of "The WipE'ouT'' Legacy HD" but 2012 was to be the year of WipEout as far as my music hobby was concerned with both moments of joy and moments of sadness. Read on!

While in the early stages of producing "The WipE'ouT'' Legacy HD" I was contacted by someone under the moniker Sacred Virgo. He was a big fan of the original "The WipEout Legacy" from all the way back in 2008, so it was an amazing and happy coincidence I was able to tell him in first hand I was currently making a sequel. But he wasn't only a fan, he was like me a hobbyist music producer! He also knew other producers... and he had a plan...


The Wipeout Generation (2012 VGMdb)

Sacred Virgo, James High, Seipher, ekkoBoy, DJ Droppin, Xtatic Shiva, Detox, fellow countrymen Alien Message, eternal SuFami rival (shakes fist in the air) Nakamura and me, Shiryu. We are The Wipeout Generation.We made a collaboration album and we released it for free on the WWW. Let me just put this out right here: Everyone of these guys knows more about music making than I probably ever will! While Sacred Virgo took care of managing the talent, I got to do the cover art, marketing, public relations, host the downloads and even contributed four songs to the LP, two of them brand new remixes from the 2008 "The WipEout Legacy". The end result was IMO fantastic, with everyone contributing their own unique style to make a diverse and successful albums: It reached one thousand downloads faster than any of my previous releases, no doubt helped by favourable new articles in both domestic and foreign gaming websites. Yes, I am a lone wolf but running with a pack was a very rewarding experience. We still keep in touch and rumours of a second collaboration album are recurrent, but we can't comment on that. Enjoy the release trailer while you download the album from the link below:

Free MP3 Download

The WipEout Legacy XL (2012 VGMdb)


It was later that year that things became bitter sweet. What was to become a special, double disc celebration edition of "The WipEout Legacy" featuring remastered 2008 original tracks and brand new 2012 remixes ended up being a tribute to the passing of Psygnosis. Oh sure, Sony called them Studio Liverpool but none of us old school gamers ever called them that. I was well halfway into finishing the album when news hit all major gaming website: Sony had shut down Studio Liverpool because it was no longer profitable to have the studio operating independently. Many voices rise at the time, as it's typical from Internet forums, no one wanted to believe Psygnosis and just as grim as all those talented people who lost their jobs was the future of WipEout. What would happen to the franchise? Would there be any more WipEout games? Would the PS4 be "WipEoutless"? So far in early 2014, we have no news of anything WipEout related in the horizon, but let us see what the future holds. On December seventh I released this double disc album as the definitive version of the tribute to both Psygnosis and Tim Wright aka CoLD StoRAGE. Please enjoy the release trailer while grabbing the album from the links below:

Free MP3 DownloadLossless Digital Purchase – YouTube Stream CD 1 | CD 2

And that's where I am today. To keep things fair, 2013 was the year of "F-Zero" around here even if sadly Nintendo keeps denying us a new entry in their pioneering anti-gravity racing hallmark. I was also very happy to have a late birthday present as one of my tracks ("Love your DR MMXII") feature in the soundtrack of the latest demo build in the ultimate fan WipEout love letter, the unity powered anti-gravity racer Slipstream GX! They even misprinted my moniker (shakes fist in the air once more)! With fans like these, even if Sony fails to properly continue the series in the future, I think we will be just fine. If I ever got the chance, I would love to shake the people who made the original WipEout Playstation games, The Designers Republic and Tim, telling them "Thank you. You shaped my life as it is today. Your combined talents made art that touched an immeasurable number of people that I am still discovering today."

Thank you for reading my articles on this subject. That's all for now! Or is it...?


"Welcome to my web, said the spider to the fly."

Ah, I always wanted to write that! Allow to now apologise because you see, this two part article was a trap, a set-up, a lure if you will. With these I did not want to only make everyone know and remember Psygnosis, Tim Wright, The Designers Republic and their impact on my life. I can now exclusively reveal right here on TAY* that next week I will be releasing the new "The WipE'ouT'' HD FURY", a 3 disc, 24 track special edition album! Much like my previous special editions, you can count on an expanded version of the original, featuring the original twelve 2012 tracks with brand new twelve, extended remixes all made in the past months. Here is a little taste of what is to come:

Can't wait for next week to set this one out on the web. All the latest news at the usual Shiryu Music @ Facebook fan page thingy. Until next time: Play Hard, Play Loud!

Oh, did you miss part I? It's right here.

*To be honest, the only people who knew about this one were my fellow TAYbros and TAYsisters hanging out on IRC.


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