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The Worse Thing About Physical Game Discs Are Physical Game Discs

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Life, as we know it, faces total extinction because console owners are still buying physical game discs, not digital copies.


The technology is there, and the hard drive space is there. What are we waiting for? Get rid of physical discs!

If console games went all digital, it's a win-win for developers and consumers. Developers could have infinite copies of a game available to sell, they'd never be out of stock. Consumers could buy games at any time, because they'd never be out of stock. Retro games, out-of-print games, and even unfinished games could be money-makers for developers when consumers want to buy them.

Happier developers, happier consumers. Dr. Grant, my dear Dr. Sattler... Welcome to Jurassic Park!


If games went all digital, console games could be cheaper. Developers could save money because they're not making physical discs. In turn, those savings might be passed onto consumers! No need for used games when developers could hold clearance sales, and pocket the profit. Consumers could get more games more cheaply!

You see the genius in all of this yet? We're gonna make a fortune with this place!

I don't sell video games for living (you do!) so I shouldn't have to tell you this: go 100% digital. Get rid of physical game discs, and make all your games available in your online stores.

That way, we can actually buy and play a game whenever we want, instead of when the store has it in stock.

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