Poison Gas Pokemon

Poison Type

Pain. Anguish. Suffering. These were the words that I channeled to produce today's Pokemon for the day, Weezing. As the personification of air pollution, I'd like to imagine the Grimer and Koffing line are related in some way shape or form. Perhaps one form can slowly build over to the other - they're both purple, are the anthropomorphic forms of toxicity, and are key poison types representatives of their generation.


That said, I also kept in mind Muk as I created the work. First and foremost, I wanted to portray Weezing as an entity that was being tormented from the inside out. I illustrated billowy pillars of noxious fume that expel from the pores of its body. As the viewer, your eyes run around the piece but follow the trails of smoke that taper away to the top right. Once your eyes return, they catch the details of what makes this illustration tick.

I knew right away that I wanted to illustrate Weezing's second head as a cancer, a tumor that is born in anguish and lives in anguish. Weezing in my mind is essentially a larger Koffing that produces tumors that will eventually break free of the body and become Koffing. The cycle is all visible in the illustration. In the bottom right, the (oft forgotten) third "head" (not always depicted as such) is the early form of a Koffing. By making the face that is being born of the tumor a skull, we can relate to the creature more than first imagined.


The skull like entity continues to build up, as we see in the second head found mid right of the illustration. This face was illustrated in a way to look as if it were pulling away at the main body. I made his profile look even more like a human's face, to add to the intensity and morbidity of this all. Flesh, veins, bumps and warts scattered about add to the scenery. The final face, the main face, is drooping and almost melting, showcasing the final form of Koffing, a former version of itself. It's eyes and nose convey a dreadful look of despair...the creature wants to die. He is in pain, as he damages himself and the environment.

I made the skull and crossbones black to keep with the macabre direction...Any other color would bring too much attention to that area. Other details include having a connected mouth from the main face to the secondary, to show how the one entity is trying to split into two. This touch is a pseudo nod to Exeggutor's illustration in a small way. Both Muk and Exeggutor were hits for some of their creepier elements, and those two come together with a new direction to create Weezing.


Thank you all for viewing! I'm really content with how this piece came out and I hope you enjoyed it too. Thanks for reading and always being a fantastic audience. Hope you had a fantastic weekend and see you throughout the week for more illustration to share.




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