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The Writers TAYble: Entry #3 "Paint the City Red"

Hello my fellow TAYers, and welcome to yet another entry to the Writer's TAYble. Come, take a seat, and share a bit of your work with us. Last week, we talked a bit about setting, and had some amazing pieces submitted! You can recap a bit here, if you so desire. Tonight's concept art is from a Finnish artist named Harri Tusa, and is a noir view of a city. His other artwork, if you are so inclined to look, can be found here.


We have talked about perspective and setting, but now I want to get to the real meat of a story: the characters. Who do you like to have in your story? Is it purely based on the setting, or do you implement your ideal "hero" into whatever world you create? Are you a fan of making them broken, or do you give them a paragon aspect? I personally enjoy making my main protagonist a bit of an anti hero, and always try to make them seem unsure of their actions, almost as if they are hesitant.

Now, for the writing piece, what kind of world do you want to create from the photo? Do you go for a detective style mystery set in the 30's? Maybe even a heart felt story of the Great Depression? Or is this just the view of the city from a color blind pilot? The possibilities are endless!

And again, you don't have to write about that photo... Any piece of work submitted is welcome here!

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