I'm really feeling it!

The Year of Luigi (Lumpuigi), FTW!

I see your Snow Mario, GBD. And I raise (?) you a Snow Luigi! Or rather, Snow Luigi's Head.



We don't have much snow going on at the moment. This is also my first time outside of Animal Crossing rolling up a snow ball. It is perfect. Don't judge me, TAY! Especially you, Stormborn!

I mean just look at that form.

Or don't.

No. Don't look at the form.

In conclusion, I believe GBD, Mrs. Detective and Zuko have won for artistry.

But in this, the Year of Luigi, a winner is A-Me uhhh, Luigi.

Seriously, you can judge me now. XD

Edit: Thanks to GBD for the Lumpuigi name.

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