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I'm really feeling it!
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ThePickyGamer's Five Favorite YouTubers

Sir Hippo gave me the idea to list some of my favorite YouTubers! Here they are, in no particular order:


This is what got me into video game journalism in the first place! They’re famous for their in-depth analyses of trailers, but I love their discussions and podcasts as well, with a strong focus on games from Nintendo. They also do short news updates, previews, reviews, etc. You know, gaming journalism stuff, just in video form and all about Nintendo. I’ve probably listened to every single discussion/ podcast of theirs since 2015, back when they were covering Xenoblade Chronicles X.


The Completionist

The premise is simple: One man completes one game 100%, every single week. And it’s more like one and a half per week now, since he’s also re-completing the first 120 games he did. He also does top 10s and a show called “Defend It” where he defends games that get a lot of hate. The show has a lot of humor and charm, and it’s amazing to see the lengths to which Jirard will go in order to complete these games. Our very own cdax writes for the show, but I was a big fan of it long before he started writing here!


My one non-gaming channel here! It’s general interest journalism, having pretty much any topic you could think of. For example the last six videos were about how date labels on food make no sense, why American men suck at soccer, how Islamist militant groups are gaining strength in Africa, the voices of children separated at the border, how TV gave us the classic soccer ball, and explaining dungeons and dragons. They are heavily liberal, but if that’s your jam or if you can ignore it, they’re fantastic! (They also have a new Netflix series called Explained that you should check out!)

Mark Brown

This is a fantastic YouTube channel all about game design. His most frequent videos are part of “Game Maker’s Toolkit,” where he goes into how specific elements of games are designed, from either one game or many. Some of his more recent ones tackle the relevance of score systems in modern gaming, the use of assist modes, and exploring what it takes to keep a player engaged with a game without being evil. He also does a show called “Boss Keys,” in which he went over the dungeon design of every single Zelda game. They’re all very well thought out and have encouraged me to think more about what goes into making the games that I enjoy. Plus, Mark’s soothing British voice with the chill music and snappy editing makes each video seem very classy, even if they still are about video games.



If you want to get a feeling for the kind of person I am irl, it’s not too far off from this guy. His absolute enthusiasm and attention to detail for every tiny thing is something that I strive for, and it makes for an excellent Let’s Play! His videos are also how I stay in shape, as I walk on the treadmill during each episode, and I’ve been a lot healthier since I started! He recently finished his playthrough of Pokemon Black and White, which took six months! But now that the channel’s on hiatus until the next series, I might put on a few pounds…


Honorable mentions:


Hosts an excellent 24/7 stream of mainly Nintendo music. There’s a rock ‘n’ roll event going on right now! He also uploads Nintendo music, including the new tracks for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


Game Grumps

Two of the funniest guys on YouTube make a Let’s Play. They’re currently doing a hilarious playthrough of Detroit: Become Human, but they’re always juggling different series that they may or may not complete. I have to pick and choose which series I choose to watch, but when I do, it’s always a blast.



Basically GameXplain if it was one sassy blue muppet. Don’t question it.


A cross between general gaming journalism and comedy. He also reviews every E3 conference and does a D&D-cember event each year. Otherwise, each video is spread apart but very much worth the wait. He’s currently reviewing every single Final Fantasy game.



Reviews old PC games, old movies and TV shows, and has more recently started reviewing frozen food and recipes. It’s an odd combination, but it works. The main draw is his relaxed personality combined with his hilarious editing for every gesture or sound he makes.



Makes really fun videos about Nintendo and Pokemon, and sometimes board games. His show was always good, but it’s been particularly hilarious and punchy since he stopped uploading quite as frequently.



Most famous for her hilarious and informative “For Beginners” series, where she goes over tips and tricks “for people who don’t know s**t about this game.” Her upload schedule has been pretty erratic in 2018, with only one “For Beginners” yet, but she’s promised that “Breath of the Wild For Beginners” is coming soon! Good Lord this lady loves Kingdom Hearts



I wish there were spaces in the channel name too. He makes jazz covers of video game music of all genres, and it’s sometimes even more amazing than the source material. Plus, he does something like 90% of all the music, playing the saxophone, guitar, drums, piano, and more!


Yikes, I watch a lot of YouTube, and I didn’t even go into Nintendo, PlayStation, Kotaku, The Game Theorists, DidYouKnowGaming, Pop Culture Detective, Peanut Butter Gamer, Escapist, The Film Theorists, Vsauce, Vsauce2, Ninja Sex Party, yungtown, or JonTronShow! But it’s because there’s so much good stuff out there that you might not find from watching Netflix or cable TV. Anyway, let me know some of your favorite YouTube channels in the comments below, and thanks again to Sir Hippo for the idea!

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