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The rough draft was 1151 words. I’m now allowing 100 for each conference. Let’s go!


I’d love a remaster of the original Mass Effect series, as it’s always fascinated me but I don’t own any consoles to play them on. But what I’d really love is for Criterion Games to stop working on BattleFront and instead make a new Burnout game! I loved Burnout Paradise as a kid and in the new remaster , but I want a new one! Anthem looks like it could be great, but I don’t likely see myself personally enjoying it. I just hope they can get through the sports games as fast as possible, but I’m not holding my breath.



This is totally selfish, but I hope there aren’t too many exclusives. I’m not a fan of most Microsoft IPs, but I really hope they don’t come out with a really cool new one or get an awesome indie game exclusive, even if it isn’t too likely based on their recent track record. But hey, we might be due for one! Otherwise, Microsoft seems a lot like a wild card for me. Since they develop for a console (and PC) that I don’t own, it really comes down to which non-exclusive third parties they choose to showcase in their presentation.


A new current-gen Elder Scrolls would be awesome, but the announcement of Fallout 76, for which I have absolutely no interest, suggests to me that it’ll be at least another year until we see a new Elder Scrolls. I’ve always been intrigued by Bethesda’s games but unable to play them until less than a year ago because of my age, so I’m generally hoping for games in established (or even brand new!) series such as Dishonored or Prey that look like a good place to jump in on. Also, Fallout 4 (or 3, I guess) on Switch would be sweet.



While both Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Kingdom Hearts III look really great, I have no current interest in them because I don’t have any history with their previous installments. Dragon Quest, however, is not a chronological series (for the most part), and thus I’d love for XI to be my first if it interests me. While I’d love a Final Fantasy XVI or XV-2, Square-Enix seem to be pushing DLC for XV to the point of annoyance, so we’ll likely see more of that. Who knows if we’ll hear anything about the Final Fantasy VII remake or Avengers?



It seems that the “-soft” companies are the biggest wild cards for me. I’m very excited for the new Donkey Kong expansion for Mario + Rabbids, but other than that, I’m kinda just open to whatever they show. I’d love for them to remake Beyond Good and Evil for modern consoles in anticipation of the sequel, since I haven’t gotten a chance to play it, and of course more information on the actual sequel. I’ve never been into Assassin’s Creed before, and while I’m sure Odyssey will be cool, I don’t see it changing that. The Crew 2 looks kinda interesting?



I’m only excited for two games here, but they’re big ones. After being blown away by The Last of Us back in February, I can’t wait to get my hands on Part II. I’m not one to get games day-and-date too often, but if it delivers in this conference, then I definitely will. And considering how the movie tie-in Spider-Man 2 began my love of video games, I can’t wait to revisit the spider-bitten man’s version of New York two generations later. Death Stranding confuses me more than it excites me, but hey, maybe it’ll be my first Kojima game!


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