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Not being terribly familiar with the non-Nintendo gaming companies, I decided to list my hopes for each conference instead of legitimate predictions. Let’s see if my prayers were answered, if they were denied, or if I got something that I didn’t even ask for! This is part one, which will be covering EA, Microsoft, and Bethesda. Tune in tomorrow for my thoughts on Square Enix, Ubisoft, and Sony, and the day after for Nintendo!


There was no mention of anything Mass Effect, and definitely no remastered trilogy on any platform, Switch or otherwise. EA did show off more stuff for BattleFront II, however, so it looks like Criterion Games will be busy for a bit longer before they can work on a new Burnout game. The biggest surprise for me was Anthem, which kind of intrigued me! I’ll wait until the press get their hands on the game to make a final judgement, but I like what I’m seeing so far.


Microsoft: B-

As expected, this was a perfectly good presentation with next to nothing to actually interest me. I don’t care about Halo, Ori, Sekiro, Fallout, Life is Strange, Crackdown, Metro, Kingdom Hearts, Forza, The Division, Tomb Raider, Devil May Cry, Cuphead, (most) anime, Dying Light, Battletoads, Just Cause, or Gears of War. From an objective perspective, nearly all of these games look fantastic, or at least have the potential to be so. But they’re mainly not things that I’m into, or they’re exclusive to Xbox and PC, and nothing here is making me buy either. The two games that at least intrigued me are Cyberpunk 2077 just because games from CD Projekt Red look right up my alley (even if I haven’t played any), and Tunic, because it’s Zelda with a fox. Duh.

Bethesda: B+

Wow, I actually kinda liked this conference! Yeah, Fallout 76 (and DOOM and Wolfenstein) looks totally cool and also totally not for me, but other stuff really excites me. Elder Scrolls: Blades looks interesting at least (it’s free, so I can’t complain), but my imagination ran wild with Starfield. Just thinking of a SPACE game with the same RPG mechanics of a Fallout or Elder Scrolls game excites me so much, and it’s a new IP! No more being not “in” with the crowd! And speaking of Elder Scrolls, we’re getting a new one! I think I’ll be about done with Skyrim once it comes out, so that’ll do nicely. Also, I’m hyped for Skyrim on Alexa.


So there you have it! The order of conferences fits with my order of excitement. Let’s see if this can continue into tomorrow and Tuesday! What did you think of the conferences? Let me know in the comments below!

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