In a few hours later today, Germany and Argentina will clash for the right to be called World Champions for the next four years. I'm not a big fan of football, but I do tend to enjoy watching big international competitions between Europe and the rest of the world. It also gave me some spark to make football game videos, as I did in Euro 2012 where I played every match using 16 bit Super Nintendo and Megadrive football (soccer if you prefer) games to predict the outcome. This time I went from GameCube generation and up, and I must say this 2014 FIFA World Cup was so surprising that real life outcomes compared to my video game life results where quite different. So here is today's match preview, played and record on the single football game available for Wii U, the two year old "FIFA 13":

I apologise if I am not very good at this, I must admit to have played very little of this game even if I did buy it over a year ago. I much prefer arcade style soccer games. But considering that my very first football game looked like this, it's hard for me not to stand impressed with the amount of detail and technology advancements made in the past three decades.


Well that's all from me, no more football games after today. Let's look forward a very good match later today between two giants of European and South American football.

... unless you're watching the World Cup in North Korea, where according to this amusing video, today's final match is between North Korea and my home country of Portugal. I would actually like this alternate universe, our country could actually become World Champion for a change.

Nach, feel free to consider that FIFA 13 game result my prediction for TAY Bookies Club.