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There Is (Almost) A 24/7 Nintendo Music Stream

A few weeks ago, I saw a live-stream for Nintendo music on my suggested videos for YouTube. I clicked, and it took me to basically a non-stop, ad-free, radio station for Nintendo music. I usually looked up playlists for Nintendo music, but those eventually ended. This stream would go on forever!

But then it didn’t. The music ended, and I discovered that because Dystifyzer, the YouTuber who was doing these streams, didn’t have the PC parts necessary to truly stream 24/7, the stream couldn’t go beyond a few days. And then, over the weeks, the stream just kept on getting better. Almost every time I checked on the stream, Dystifyzer was there, taking song requests, engaging with people in the chat, and setting up fun things to do in the stream such as polls, a rupee shop (where you can buy marathons of songs from certain games, etc. for watching the stream for a certain amount of time), and even adding GIFs of Nintendo characters like Donkey Kong and Pikachu to dance along to the music!


Dystifyzer also added a bar on the screen, saying that if donations got up to $1,000, then the live-stream would go completely 24/7! After a few days of streaming, that number got up to around $720. And once the next stream started a week or so later, that number was bumped up to the $900s by some very generous donors. But the final $30 necessary to push the stream into full 24/7 were donated by none other than Arlo, the blue muppet on YouTube that makes videos about Nintendo. His words were (and I’m paraphrasing here) “You, sir, are doing a great service to all Nintendo fans.” I could not agree more.

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! As I was writing this article and listening to the stream, it turned out that the cost was more than Dystifyzer originally thought! This means that, at the time of writing, we still have a ways to go until the stream can actually go 24/7 for real. So if you have the means, definitely consider donating to Dystifyzer here, which will help support the stream, as well as net you some nice perks. And if you’re itching to listen to any particular music from Nintendo games that aren’t currently being streamed, you can find the YouTube channel itself right here.

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