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TAY Open Forum: There is no TAY, Only Zuul

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This is it, guys. The bad guys are here at our doorstep. We’ve done everything we were supposed to do. We did all the side quests, delivered those flowers and collected thirty boar butts. There’s no chance for last minute grinding. We may have missed that Infinity+1 weapon, but there’s no way of knowing without the strategy guide. We’re just going to have to wing it.


TAY is now a vidya game. Who is your final boss fight against? What would their music be? And do they have any frustrating mechanics to deal with?

Alternatively, favorite vidya final boss? Maybe that bishonen one with the Oedipus Complex? Or perhaps the clown that blew up the world? Or maybe it’s just that giant Space Flea? Either way, I’m sure you’ll be fine if you just cross the streams Talk Amongst Yourselves.

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